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Through her six years of experience working with numerous partners - both local and international - to implement its youth development project goals, IDEJEN has learned that effective partnership development is essential to achieve results. sustainable. IDEJEN's partners include ministries, international donors, private sector companies and local community-based organizations (CBOs).


Partners Government of Haiti:

IDEJEN has succeeded in developing a very effective partnership with several ministries, including, but not limited to, the Ministry of the Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Education and Vocational training, the Ministry of the Interior and Territorial Communities and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Action. IDEJEN has developed a close partnership with the National Institute for Vocational Training (INFP), which has helped it to develop technical training programs, the training of technical trainers, supervise the training of young people and assess young people at the end of the program. This partnership has also led to the development of 22 vocational training modules and additional tools in new technical fields in demand locally in the two levels (1 and 2) of technical certification for young people in school and out of school. IDEJEN has created 14 training centers in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, 14 with the Ministry of the Interior and 5 with the Ministry of the Environment. In addition, IDEJEN collaborated with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Civic Action and the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training to respectively implement a national youth policy and an education policy. basic non-formal. IDEJEN's partnership with government has made valuable progress for vulnerable young people outside of school in terms of access to education, technical training and certification programs.

International partners:

The partnership with international donors and international organizations has enabled IDEJEN to improve technical training tools and increase internship and employment opportunities. YouthBuild has proven to be one of IDEJEN's most successful partnerships. YouthBuild has helped strengthen the INFP for the development of educational materials for the training of young people. The partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is an example that has led to increased employment opportunities for young people. For example, IOM hired IDEJEN youth to build latrines in schools in Petit-Goâve and Les Cayes.

Partners from the private sector:

Partners from the private sector were the key to finding internships and jobs for IDEJEN young people. For example, two of the private sector partners, the Lise Saint-Natus Foundation and Haitian Partners for Christian Development, manage a career development center for young people (CDCJ) in the support phase of the program. IDEJEN has also built fruitful partnerships with ARCOTEC and PLURIMATS, two large construction companies in Port-au-Prince, in addition to other related companies (eg Valerio Canez). IDEJEN's partnership with the private sector has not only helped to find jobs for young people, but has also helped in tackling the negative stereotypes associated with many out-of-school youth in the country.

Grassroots community organizations:

IDEJEN's partnership with grassroots community organizations is the backbone of the IDEJEN project. According to criteria of performance and anchoring in the community, IDEJEN proceeds to the selection of community organizations to carry out the activities of the project. Each OCB manages one or more IDEJEN training centers. At the end of the USAID-funded project, IDEJEN had a workforce of 110 local CBO partners. Thanks to this partnership, IDEJEN has created and strengthened a national network of youth organizations.

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